Knisselwoods: Our Media Lab

This page presents the media lab based on the poster at the 32nd SOMP Annual Meeting and Conference. Authors are Angela Binder, Mareike Bothe-Fiekert, Dr. Alexander Hutwalker and Prof. Dr. Langefeld.


Besides influencing many other areas, COVID19 has changed education and research as well. The presentation of contents has transferred from synchronous digital-supported styles towards a fully digital asynchronous way. Especially video presentations e.g. screencasts as part of courses or conference contributions became the “new normal”. Well-designed and produced videos can make a tremendous contribution to the learning of individuals – not only students – as proved long before the global pandemic situation.

Driven by the need for digitalization in education and supported by the possibilities and chances offered through a large European Wider Society Education project in which The Institute of Mining participated, the media lab of the Institute of Mining at Clausthal University of Technology was massively expanded and new technology was introduced. The new media lab – named after Prof. Walter Knissel - allows to plan and produce different media, especially videos in high quality and adequate environment. The positive feedback on the produced videos and other materials supports the efforts made. Furthermore, the facilities are modular based and partially mobile allowing a wide range of applications but also transfer for other educators.