Beitrag zur Sustainable Minerals '21

Vortrag: The role of mining engineering education for a sustainable raw materials use A. Hutwalker, A. Binder and O. Langefeld


Nowadays we live in a society with a steadily increasing awareness for the environment on the one hand and a high enthusiasm for new technologies on the other hand. However, the awareness for raw materials and their role in a circular economy is rather low in the general public. This leads to two future challenges: the demand for raw materials increases while gaining the Social License to Operate (SLO) for any new raw material related operation becomes harder due to environmental concerns. Despite the technical challenges within the concept of a circular economy and the question how the extraction of mineral raw materials can be sustainable at all, the low awareness for raw materials becomes a major risk for any future raw materials operation. This presentation will focus on how a Mining Engineering study program can address these topics and thereby support the way to a sustainable raw material use.

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