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21th Colloquium on Drilling and Blasting 2019


The first use of explosives in mining in the Oberharz region in 1632 combined with the rapid spreading of this new mining and driving technique in the mines around the towns Zellerfeld and Clausthal can be seen as one of the most significant milestones in mining development. The constant technical advancement, beginning with the use of explosives and the invention of dynamite in 1866, until the use of high explosives in present-day underground and surface mines, guarantees the high efficiency of modern mining operations.

Every second year since 1976 the Oberharz region is visited by about 300 professionals from the fields of drilling and blasting. This event offers the opportunity to exchange new ideas, to actively take part in expert talks and technical discussions and to end the day with a traditional miner's night.

The colloquium is appreciated as a discussion forum which provides an informative and pleasant atmosphere for the participants from the fields of mining and tunnel construction, drilling and explosives engineering, public authorities and universities including faculty staff and students.

We are pleased to invite you to this upcoming event in January 2019.

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