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Mining Engineering (Master)

The Master program in Mining Engineering is a interdisciplinary degree programme of subjects from exploration, production, conveying and the processing of ore and other raw materials.

Key Aspects

Students will be trained in a diversity of fields. The main focus lies on gaining in-depth knowledge in exploration, production, conveying and the processing of raw materials. In addition, students will gain practice from outside the main subject such as interpersonal skills.

The combination of different disciplines guarantees a complete preparation for the graduate’s future professional development as a mining engineer. The student will achieve competence from both university and internships and then be able to cope with functions in leadership and engineering practice, also working interdisciplinary and considering sustainability.

Eligibility Requirements

To be allowed to the Master Program in Mining Engineering it is required for the applicant to have graduated as a Bachelor in “Mining Engineering”, “Energy and Raw Material Supply” or any similar academic program from a German university. The applicant may also hold any comparable qualifications from outside Germany. For further information, please view the corresponding regulations at §2 “Zugangsvoraussetzungen”.

Composition of the Program

In the Master Program of Mining Engineering, classes are combined to modules. A total of 21 (17 compulsory + 4 compulsory optional) modules need to be completed in order to achieve the Master degree. The 17 compulsory modules provide the basic methodical and interdisciplinary skills from the following fields:

  • Shaft Sinking 
  • Mine Ventilation
  • Mining Methods and Machinery
  • Surveying
  • Geology
  • Rock Mechanics
  • Mineral Processing

A seminar (1st Semester) and a student research project (3rd Semester), each including a presentation on the work done, give the student an opportunity to deepen his/her expertise of one of the fields above.
The student’s graduation will be completed after finishing a Master Thesis. The thesis must be written on a topic related to mining and shall combine know-how and methodical competence as achieved during the program. The thesis can, as the seminar and the student research project also, help to specialize on a field of major interest and therefore increase the suitability for jobs with definite/defined requirements.

A detailed scheme on the modules involved can be found in the hand book. 

Job Opportunities

Resources is a growing market. This is followed by a continuously increasing need of specialists who are able to recognize and solve interdisciplinary problems from the fields of raw material production, environmental engineering and geology. Coping with the contrast between using and preserving our planet in terms of sustainability is today’s mining engineer’s challenge.

The program MSc Mining Engineering provides the graduate with scientific knowledge and gives systematic preparation for advanced job requirements. By completing the program, the graduate will be able to fill both leadership and technical positions, also in terms of research and development.



Course advisor

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Oliver Langefeld
Telefon: +49 5323 72-2440
Fax: +49 5323 72-2377
Institut für Bergbau
Erzstraße 20
38678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld


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