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Australia 2017

Grand Excursion 2017: 03rd-24th of March in Australia

Field trips are important in a Mining Engineering Curriculum. The Mining Institute of Clausthal University of Technology performs these events since decades every three years with destinations all over the world. Certainly, a must is a country with several interesting mine sites. Doubtlessly, Australia is such a destination, This country or better continent is so big, that you cannot visit all areas or all important mines in one journey. Therefore, we had to limit it to New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria.

Australia is far away from Europe - by the way, Australia is far away from every destination - you need more than 20 flight hours to get there. But it will be worth the effort because it is a great country with beautiful landscapes, great people, coloured cities and of course interesting mining operations.

Please find your impression in the report about the trip.

Field trip report


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