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Underground Emergency Response I

Underground Emergency Response I in the Winter term 2020/2021

Basics of Fire Protection and Mine Rescue (W 6008)

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Walter Hermülheim

Dear participants of the winter term lecture 2020/21 on Underground Emergency Response I,

The course is offered as a self-study course. The teaching material for the winter semester will be available for download under Stud.IP after registration. Here you will also find further contact and support information.

In the course, we will cover the following basic topics of underground fire and explosion protection and mine rescue:

  • Types of underground fires, mine fire prevention and detection, firefighting equipment, manual firefighting, fires and ventilation, sealing off fires, firefighting with inert gases, explosion risks.
  • Organization, training and equipment of mine rescue brigades, noxious gases underground, gas detection, breathing protection, emergency and operational mine rescue work, safety rules on climatic stress and combustible gases.
  • Emergency planning, underground self-rescue, escape and evacuation.
  • The theoretical content will be deepened by practical exercises, involving mine manager´s measures during the first hour of an underground emergency, basics of risk analysis, and methane dilution in a blind drift.

Depending on the pandemic situation, an additional one-day classroom seminar may be offered towards the end of the semester (see Stud.IP and notice board). Please contact me by e-mail for any further Questions.

Registration via StudIP

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